NST & Things’s Podcast

How Is NST Different & Why Does It Work, Significance of Cranial Distortions, Building Trust With Your Patients

March 12, 2020

In this episode of NST & Things we discuss....

Q & A’s!!!!

- What’s the significance of cranial distortions?

- Why are these structures important?

- How does Neurosomatic Therapy differ from other modern medical treatments?

- Why does NST make sense and actually work?!?!

Also discussed...

- Functional LLLI = Education

- Knowledge = Trust, empowering your patients.

- Cervical mobilizations and why educating your patient is key.

- Making patients feel comfortable, confident and trusting in your abilities as a practitioner.

- Take the slow road, nothing comes overnight.

- Avenues to success with patients, RESULTS or EDUCATION.