NST & Things’s Podcast

Christmas Eve: Father Son Leg Length Discussion, Patient Update Dealing with Heavy Metals & Hot Flashes, Dealing with A Stroke After Shingles.

January 12, 2020

On this episode of NST & Things we cover...

- Father/Son cases, how family members can present vastly different distortions. 

- Understand how structural and functional leg length issues differ, can measurements switch?

- Could your back pain be caused by a short leg? Has your pain been properly evaluated? 


- Dysfunction in tissue is derived from Trauma, Over-Use, Mis-Use.

- Heavy metals & photoflashes, update on patient suffering from HOT FLASHES. 

- Lymph stagnation and forward head posture, how manual lymph drainage could benefit you.

- Stroke patient returns with "stroke like" symptoms after getting SHINGLES.

- Pressure in your head "VECTORS" can be alleviated/corrected, could they be inhibiting your central nervous system?

- The difference in men and women enduring a stroke, both differ with physical and mental limitations. 

- Should I treat a patients nervous system or their structure after enduring even a minor stroke?


"Cast the bread upon the water."

"Its better to try and fail, than to have never tried at all."